National Health Access

Health Project

The health project supports members with health advice and health activities including an exercise class, breathing and relaxation classes and a walking group.

Our dedicated health workers will support members to ensure that all health communication is in an accessible format.

For more information on contact Mahri or Vijay on 0141 777 5830/5831 or on

Health Access Project

This project is to ensure deafblind people can fully benefit from mainstream health and social care services. The project highlights the needs of deafblind people for communication support if they are to be able to access services.

John Whitfield – Health Access Officer

John Whitfield – Health Access Officer

Our Health Access Officer, John Whitfield, who is himself deafblind, offers training, information provision, advice on how to include deafblind people and develop policies and solutions where appropriate for health services.

John also carries out Workplace Assessments to ensure businesses are fully accessible.

If you have any queries or require assistance accessing the health services, you can contact John on