Policies and Procedures

You can download all of our latest policies and procedures.

Absence Management

Accident Incident Investigation

Adoption rights booklet

Adult support and Protection

Alcohol and drug policy for service users

Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Assistance Dogs (including Guide Dogs) in the Work Place

Capability Policy

Cash Handling

Challenging Behaviour

Child Protection

Closure Strategy




Conflict of Interest Policy

Contingency Policy

Dangerous Discriminatory or Exploitative Behaviour

Data Protection

Data Protection Guidelines

Disciplinary Procedure

Equal Opportunities

Equality and Diversity

Exclusions and Cessation of Service

Financial Procedures

Fundraising Policy

Grievance Handling

Health and Safety Policy

Harassment and Bullying

Induction Development Staff Training

Infection Control

IT Policy

Lone Working

Medication Including Admistration

Needs Assessment

Obtaining Authorisation for Additional Support


PVG Information Handling

Quality Assurance

Receiving Gifts

Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment Ex-offenders

Restraint Assertive Guiding

Risk Assessment

Smoke Free

Social Media Policy

Support Planing


Whistleblowing Policy