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SQA Star Awards

Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2015 - 10:41:45 AM

Deafblind Scotland is delighted to announce that one of their students, Eve, is a finalist for SQA School Candidate of the Year 2015.

Eve decided to learn British Sign Language in her spare time. She took a SQA BSL Level One course at Deafblind Scotland where she was a fantastic student and was one of only four school-age students on the course. Eve went on to promote the awareness of British Sign Language to her peers and community. She was a great support in the class and showed great maturity in learning with a mainly adult group.

Eve was nominated by Deafblind Scotland and by her school. She is the youngest person to have been nominated for a SQA Star Award. 

The 2015 Star Awards Ceremony will be held on Friday 20 November at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. The Ceremony evening rewards and recognises inspirational achievements and commitment from individuals, schools, colleges and training organisations across Scotland. 

John Whitfield and Padington Bear prepare to head out to the Grand Canyon

Posted: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 1:12:08 PM

Deafblind Scotland’s John Whitfield and mascot, Paddington Bear, embark on their “Grizzly Trek” of the Grand Canyon to raise money for Field of Dreams

Deafblind Scotland’s Health Access Officer, John Whitfield, will be completing a 4 day trek of the Grand Canyon to raise money for the Field of Dreams project.

On the 5th March 2016, John Whitfield, his guide/communicator, Leah Thom, and their trusted companion Paddington Bear, will embark on a gruelling journey, in temperatures exceeding 30°C. This follows previous exp20150828 222214editions, focussing around the travels of their mascot, Paddington Bear, who has previously visited China and Peru (accompanied by John and various guides), to bring awareness to Deafblind Scotland and Field of Dreams.

Paddington Bear returned from Machu Picchu, Peru in 2014 and embarked on the Hollywood movie life for a while. After taking an early retirement from the silver screen, he has decided to head over to the Grand Canyon in the hope of meeting his wild cousins.

The Field of Dreams is a plot of land that will hold Deafblind Scotland’s new learning and development centre. It is estimated to cost around £1.3 million to realise the purpose-built Learning and Development Centre, and an additional £200,000 to create specially adapted facilities in which deafblind people can much more easily learn, develop skills, meet, socialise, and thrive.

John Whitfield says:

“I live by the motto, “Know no limits” it was given to me when I used to ride motorbikes and was always pushing the limits and beyond! Now I’m no longer able to ride, I push the limits in other ways, such as these treks. I hope that by pushing these limits I can show those who are newly diagnosed that there is life at the end of the tunnel and, hopefully, be an inspiration to our members. The Field of Dreams is such an imperative project as it unites deafblind people, encouraging interaction, communication and an opportunity to share their unique experiences.“

To make a donation, please visit,, or for more information, contact John Whitfield at