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Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence

Posted: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 - 4:52:51 PM

Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence

 Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence

Glasgow diners were plunged into darkness and silence during a Deafblind Scotland first time ever event in August. Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence launched at the Arthouse and offered an intriguing opportunity to temporarily experience deafblindness in a social setting. Diners, including former Rangers player and SFA chief executive Gordon Smith, wore eye masks and ear muffs before being led into the darkened dining room and served a specially chosen platter of mixed foods. The group relied on their remaining senses of touch, taste and smell to work out what they were eating. Gordon said: “It was an amazing experience and everyone should try it at some stage. As delicious as the food was it was hard to tell what you were eating without your sight. It allows you to become more empathetic towards those who have a severe sight and hearing loss.” Alison Hardie, Deafblind Scotland’s Head of Fundraising, said: “We are delighted to have brought this exciting new experience to Glasgow and we are very pleased with the positive feedback we got from those who dined on the Friday and Saturday. While the evening was a lot of fun for the diners, we also hope they now have a new perspective on the challenges deafblind people face on a daily basis.” Deafblind Scotland is offering Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence home kits containing eye masks, ear muffs and menus so people can host their own similar event in the comfort of their own home. The charity will also take Dining in Darkness in Deafening Silence to different venues around the country in the future. For more information on home dining kits visit the 'Events' section of the website  or call 0141 777 6111 or email


Dining 2

Canal Run

Posted: Monday, April 14, 2014 - 3:08:53 PM

Canal Run 2014 

Thank you to all the participants in this year's 5k fun run and 10k race. The event was a great success. To find out your time please click on the link below. 

Canal Run times